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Hawks Flock to the Beach in Beautiful Weather

30 Apr

On Monday, April 16 the temperature reached 85 degrees with clear skies at Monmouth University. Countless students put their studies on hold and spent the day at the beach.

When 18-year old seniors in high school are selecting colleges, they look for something to draw them in. Some may go to Kentucky to support a national powerhouse in basketball. Some may go to Penn State for its remarkable journalism program. Others may go to University of Nevada – Las Vegas to have access to the casinos when they are 21. Many chose Monmouth for days like Monday, and having access to the beach.


Anthony Panasidi, senior journalism major, took advantage of the nice weather. “I live in the Diplomat Apartments so I am across the street from the beach all year long,” said Panasidi. “So anytime the weather gets into the 70s I head to the beach and throw a football around or catch some sun. It was in the 80s on Monday, no way was I going to miss that chance.”

Driving down Cedar Avenue, every block was another group of college students walking to or from the beach. The University is only a mile from the ocean, so students without cars can easily have a day at the beach and get a little exercise at the same time.

All of the students that wanted to get to the beach were not able to. Junior Brett Gilmartin said, “I really wanted to go to the beach. Who wouldn’t? I was stuck at school all day doing work for the Environment Club.”

Junior music major Chris Adcock couldn’t get to the beach either. “I had class all day and wasn’t able to get out there,” said Adcock. “I wish I could have surfed for an hour or two.”

Some students took advantage of the weather in other ways. The “Moss Mile” is the path from the Diplomat Apartments to Pier Village, which has markers every tenth of a mile along the way. People run this route every day, but it was especially crowded due to the beautiful, 85-degree weather.

“I got out there and ran down to Pier (Village) and back,” said Panasidi. “I haven’t ran since a 5k a week and a half ago, so it was nice to have warm weather to run in and really get the blood pumping.”

Many senior citizens were seen walking the “Moss Mile”, enjoying the beautiful weather with their grandchildren.

Some students even went into the ocean. All different types of activities were going on in the water. College-aged people were surfing, kayaking and just standing knee deep enjoying the beautiful day.

Junior criminal justice major Greg Cenicola was able to get out and kayak. “It was a great day. I got out of class and asked some friends to go to the beach. I surprised them with the kayaking,” said Cenicola. “I was with five people who had never kayaked in the ocean before and they all loved it. They made me promise to tell them next time I go out.”

“Nothing is more relaxing in my eyes than getting passed the break and cruising along the beach line looking in,” added Cenicola. “And then laying out in the kayak, letting the ocean tide drift you.”

Panasidi also enjoyed other outdoor activities on this day. “After running on the boardwalk and hitting the beach, I just wanted to kick back and relax,” he said. “So me and a few friends went out and bought steaks, chicken and hot dogs and grilled a little bit. We couldn’t have asked for better weather to grill. It was the perfect way to end a great day.”

Monday gave everyone a little taste of summer, which is only a few weeks away. If this is an indication of what is to come, Long Branch, N.J. will be the “place to be” from June until September.