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21st Birthday, Fun and Dangerous

30 Apr

There are many coming of age moments in a person’s life. Some examples of these moments are having your Bar Mitzvah, getting your driver’s license and getting accepted into college. Another one is turning 21 years old.

Turning 21 could be a very dangerous birthday. It is common for people to try and take 21 shots when they go out to the bar for the first time. Consuming that much alcohol in one night out could very possibly result in a trip to the hospital.


 “From a social standpoint, doing 21 shots for your twenty-first has certainly become a sort of cultural tradition, at least in this part of the country. It’s interesting how taking 21 shots seems to make someone think they’re more legitimate of a 21-year old than someone who just tries to have a good time,” said junior Chris Chace.

Many people think that this is a bad idea and shouldn’t be attempted.

“From a medical standpoint, obviously taking 21 shots of any sort of alcohol is a lot, but there’s two major problems people overlook. First, most of the time it’s a girl who is about 110 pounds and under five feet tall trying to accomplish this. That’s just stupid, because your body is going to react much quicker to the alcohol and not be able to handle it as well as a larger person,” Chace continues. “Secondly, most people attempt to do 21 shots of a variety of different liquors. If you really want to accomplish 21 shots, pick one thing and stick with it. 21 shots of vodka is going to treat you a lot better than combining rum, tequila, whiskey, vodka and whatever else to make 21. Just be smart about it and know your limits.”

“I don’t understand why people try to do take 21 shots. You’re just asking for trouble if you try to drink that much,” said 21-year old Benjamin Marcinkiewicz. “On my twenty-first, I just went out with a few friends and had a couple of drinks and watched football at the bar.”

“I think people really just try to take 21 shots to prove a point,” said 21-year old Matt Kraenbring. “They think, ‘Oh, I’m 21, I can do whatever I want,’ but it doesn’t work like that.”

20-year old Kelly Brockett will be turning 21 in three weeks. She has her own opinion on the ‘21 shot’ cultural phenomenon.

“If I spread them out over a long period of time, sure! But I’m not looking to blackout,” said Brockett. “I’m looking to have a good time with my friends and actually remember my night.”

Another popular plan for legally being able to drink is going to the bar at midnight when you officially turn 21.

“I went out at midnight, and stayed until the bar closed at 2,” said 21 year-old Michael Jenkins. “I didn’t try the whole ’21 shots’ thing, but I still had a great time.”

“Going out to the bar at midnight is really cool. After waiting 21 years, they shouldn’t make you wait another day,” Kraenbring said. “I always love going to the bar with friends who are just turning 21. The bouncer looks at their driver’s license, then at the person, then at their watch and then says, ‘Happy birthday.’”

Others are happy just going to their local liquor store and picking up a six-pack of an alcohlic beverage.

Some do not even have an interest in drinking and choose to go about their business as if it were any other day.

Whatever the 20-year old community chooses to do on their important birthday, everyone just hopes that they celebrate in a safe manner.